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Arkadiusz Kasperczyk

  I am a London based photographer with strong interests in street and social documentary photography, as well as artivism. My aim as a photographer is to serve the truth, to share the love and to inspire those who have the power to help others to do so. Through my photographs I would like to challenge people’s perceptions, embrace the natural beauty and raise the awareness on social issues. I always do my best to depict people with dignity and grace they all deserve while focusing my work on everyday life situations and humanistic concerns.


  I was born in Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Poland in 1988. I've also spend there most of the first two decades of my life. I wasn't seriously interested in photography until 2016 when following some life-changing experiences I realised that photography can works like a mirror in which I could reflect my thoughts, my feelings, my fears and I decided to explore the reality of life and to fulfil my dreams.



Please contact me for prints, collaborations, ideas or any questions.


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