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All I Want To Say Is ...

Today's General Election and it is, most likely the most important collective decision in our time!

Personally I cannot vote. As the EU citizen I don't have the right to do so, but I do have the right to freedom of expression.

I know that life isn't just black & white but sometimes, especially in seemingly complicated situations - ability of bringing things down to its simplest form can be somehow useful and that's what I'm trying to do. It's only my opinion, based on my life's experience, 10 years of living and (hard)working in this country and the 3 years of observation throughout the social and humanitarian documentary of every-day lives, struggles and dreams of the extraordinary ordinary people.

Now, like with black and white photographs I'm only focused on two options!

First one is very dark, covered in shadows without any useful details and informations. It is the same, burned picture with some really bad attempts of retouch - full of lies. All we can see is the repetitive and broken system of self-destruction, corporations and dirty money. It's the same old bullshit made out of greed and corruption. Marketed as something that it is not and being sold at the price of our soul.

The second one is much brighter but not yet over exposed. There are still a lot of details to be brought out of the shadows. This picture was also taken within the broken system but there's also some light and hope and it seems to be an evolving process, developing, in the making. We can see more humanity and there's place for nature too. It's not a picture of the promised land sitting and waiting for us just around the corner, but, it could work well as the starting point of Our-story, not his.

If we could only imagine...

Let your voice be heard - Express Yourself!

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