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22 August 2019 (from my diary)

So its been a week since I left my job and arrived in Edinburgh, it's been a week since I’m pursuing my dreams full time. Edinburgh is beautiful and treating me well, I’m even getting used to the Scottish weather😅

So far I’ve meet few very special and wonderful people, I’ve met with friends I already knew and new friendships are being made. I’ve learned anew to appreciate and to be grateful even for the little things like the sunshine on my skin, little birds singing outside of my window, a chance to walk through the forest and for all the reasons which life’s providing to make me smile and want to keep on going.

I was reminded about my feelings and of their importance, about naming and expressing them, about expressing myself! Whether it’s something deep and seems complex or very simple like: “I feel like to have something warm to drink” or “I feel like to rest”. I was reassured about my future, about the fact that everything is still there and open for me. That I can achieve something great in my life as long as I’ll put my heart into it, as long as I know what I want. This place is full of good vibes and positive energy; one could say that there’s magic in the air.

When we set ourselves free and start following our hearts everything what follows is simply meant to be, every situation we encounter, every sign we see, every person we meet and every conversation we have - it all happens for a reason. When we’re open for this - it’s there to remind us, to teach us, to inspire us, to help us in our own journey! I also believe we can exchange this energy - we can give and we can receive it. I was trapped for a long time but now I know that the key to get out of any trap can be always found within myself.

Talking about this makes me feel even more grateful for meeting my soulmate Bartek Dabrowski , for situations like this alone are worth living for. .

📷: Friendship is love, love is universal and so is this message from the picture. It was written in London by the street typist not so long ago after I’ve met another very special person.

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