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My First Day

15 August 2019

My first day, but the first day of what exactly? How strange is this feeling when suddenly your work can be what you want it to be. This feeling of freedom, even if only for a moment... for a day... a week... or who knows, maybe even for longer... It was a tough day following another tough night; waking up at 5am, preparing and packing, forgetting something and walking back and forth with the luggage. My mind was clearly somewhere else, I’m just not sure where but here I am; exhausted but excited for another days; tired but happy to be here; Scotland, Edinburgh, The Fringe Festival.  I’m so glad to take part in this, to present my ‘work’ at the biggest art festival in the world! I’m happy but also anxious... will everything goes well, will the weather be good, are they going to like this, will my photographs cause people to think and will they invoke in them some feelings? I’m trying to stay positive because after all I didn’t came here to fail! Today is a beautiful and sunny weather here, I have some more preparations to do in the morning and then I’ll go downtown and try my best to enjoy the city and feel its vibes... maybe this is the first day of freedom or maybe it’s just the first day on the way to achieve it ...

📷: All these pictures are from my first visit in Edinburgh. It was in August 2016, just after I picked up camera and decided that I’d like to be a photographer. Over the weekend I photographed portraits of over a hundred of different people on the streets. It was definitely a great training for a beginner like me😄

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