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29 July 2019

Prague was really wonderful! It’s a beautiful town with great architecture and very rich history, it has a lively river and lots of green space too! There is also well organised and super affordable (€1 for single journey) public transport with trams being my favourite.

I’ve been there for barely two days but I managed to walk over 20km all over the town and being inspired by someone I’ve met back in London I went on the mission to find the highest viewpoint of the Town!

Czechs are super cool, easy going and welcoming, they also speak really good english, I almost forget about the fact that Czech and Polish are pretty similar and I could also communicate using my mother tongue

🇵🇱 🇨🇿

I’ve never been to Czech Republic before and I’m very glad I did so. To be honest I decided to stop there on my way to Poland because tickets were much cheaper and for the price difference I managed to cover my accommodation and the train ticket from Prague to Krakow.

Dêkuji mnohokrát Praha🙏

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