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Use by: 13/08/2019

13 August 2019

Today is ‘the day’, today was officially my last day of work in itsu! Whether it was full or part time I have been working there for over two and a half years...did I enjoyed it? Lets say that it was suitable for my needs at the time... I was able to pay my ‘bills’, I’ve got some free food and had a little flexibility which allowed me to continue with photography but, above it all, during that time I’ve meet some really good, beautiful and even inspiring people!

I’m taking this step because it’s my life after all and I don’t want to waste more time just to earn a living like that (I was never interested in making a career in this field). Instead, now I’ll put my energies and focus on what I am passionate about! Like my good friend always says “Don’t forget your passion!” I’ve been often keeping mine somewhere on the side but I still remember... I’ve never forgotten!

📷: Those pictures were taken by me at work in 2017 for the ‘family tree’ project #newbeginning #nowypoczatek #timetomoveon #robtocokochasz

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