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Internal Flight

28 August 2019

13:33 - I’m on the train to Glasgow and I love what I see through the window, lots of sheep, green grass and blue sky. Clouds seems to be within the reach of my hand, so close and moving so fast; all trees are dancing with the wind. . I had a good morning, I sleep well and until 9am, had a good breakfast, pack all my belongings and have a chat with Roza and Eric (my airbnb hosts). They were so lovely and they hospitality was just incredible; Eric offered to drive me to the train station and Roza gave me spray for bugs and antiseptic for the bite I’ve already had. Before we left I asked them to be photographed and they happily agreed and we went to the back garden; they looked so happy; they’re truly happy together, they’re in Love and have wonderful energy around them. They’re both in their 70’s and were dating for the past 10 years before Eric moved in to Roza’s only last month. They’re engaged now and getting married this winter, what a wonderful couple they are! Last night Roza told me about her husband who died from the heart attack before she met Eric. He was really active person, walking a lot, playing tennis 3 times a week and so on; she showed me this photo book from their hiking trip in Scottish Highlands - “one day you’re hiking in this beautiful place and the next day you’re dead” she said; he died the next day after they come back home. She told me “this is life and you never know what it will bring next and that’s why you should take every chance and use every opportunity you are given to truly live your life.” . Now my eyes are closed, Estas Tonne’s melody in my ears is taking me into internal flight, I’m trying to listen to my inner voice and to follow my hear. I’m feeling grateful again for everything what happened in the past couple of weeks. My next stop is Glasgow and tomorrow morning I’m off for hiking with Maya in the Scottish Highlands - my first but hopefully not the last time. 14:14 - I’ve just arrived.

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