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Tell The Truth

25 July 2019

Tell The Truth as if there is no other way. Without truth there is no trust and without trust you can’t build anything lasting. Whether it’s an organisation, society, friendship or any kind of relationship none of them will last without the trust. In the past I’ve made a woe to myself that I won’t lie to anyone, no matter the situation or consequences. That I’ll always be honest with people I care about but now, over three years later I trashed this promise... I’ve betrayed myself and hurt people close to me, people that have been around for years and those who I just met. I’ve ruined much of what I’ve been building based on this core principle. My recent actions undo the work I did to improve myself, all the work to be a better person for ‘you’ and for myself. I believe that as long as we are open and willing to change there’s always some room for improvements and now I also know that this work should be a lifelong journey into myself because the real change comes only from within. And the truth is that I did it because of my fear. I did it because I was scared ...

📷: London, April 2019

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