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Wish You Were Here

31 August 2019

10:15 - I’m on the train, 15 minutes away from Glasgow and 15 minutes closer to London but the time counted in minutes, hours or days doesn’t really matter; not anymore! ‘Wish You Were Here’ - I read on the t-shirt of a man who just stood in front of me and so I wish... I wish you were still with me, I wish we were still in there, I wish we were still together, I wish... I wish but I also accept and appreciate the way how things are going - everything happens for the reason.

We explore and experience, we touch and connect, we think and we feel, we share and receive, we learn but we also forget. I’m not a coward and I don’t want to be one. I’m a peaceful warrior with my weapons ready to be used.

From the darkness and into the light, I’ll face the future with my head up and heart open. My time in Scotland was absolutely incredible, beautiful and wonderful; Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and Glasgow. One week turned into 18 days and every moment of this time was totally worth it! Couple of weeks ago Tarot Cards reader told me that I shouldn’t plan too much in advance or rush during my travels, my journey and instead I should take my time and try to live through this journey; listen to my inner voice, focus on my feelings and then follow what feels right - I did this for another two weeks and I couldn’t imagine it going any better.

I was born in Poland but my spirit is free and doesn’t know any borders and now I’ll leave a little part of it in Scotland.

I’m leaving you with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart because I know that I’ll see you again, I know that our paths will cross again - 11:33.

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